prostate cancer experts beverly hillsThe Prostate Cancer Institute of LA are committed to providing our patients with prostate cancer treatment measures that are appropriate for each individual patient. One particularly effective form of whole gland therapy is called brachytherapy (also known as internal radiotherapy).

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Brachytherapy Seeds Treatment

prostate cancer treatment experts LAPatients who elect to undergo radiation therapy to treat their prostate carcinoma have two options: TrueBeam IMRT (intensity modulated radiation therapy, which is also referred to as external beam radiation therapy) or brachytherapy. Unlike IMRT, where the radiation is delivered externally (in other words, the radiation therapy machine rotates around a patient’s body and delivers the radiation to the prostate from the outside), brachytherapy delivers radiation from inside the body.

For this procedure, the patient is anesthetized and small radiation seeds are placed into the prostate in a specific template.  Over the ensuing several weeks, these radiation seeds deliver continuous doses of radiation to the prostate with the aims of curing the cancer.

Are You a Candidate Internal Radiotherapy?

The optimal patients for internal radiotherapy are patients with less aggressive prostate cancers and patients who have lower volumes of cancer. The advantage of brachytherapy over TrueBeam is that the radiation is delivered in one setting. This is compared to TrueBeam IMRT radiation therapy, where the radiation is delivered over an 8 1/2 week period in small daily fractions.

Brachytherapy, however, is not suitable for all candidates. The size and anatomy of the prostate, as well as a patient’s underlying urinary symptoms, are key factors in determining a patient’s candidacy for brachytherapy.

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