cancer treatments experts los angelesThe type of prostate biopsy performed is the key to properly diagnosing patients with prostate cancer and determining the types of treatments that will be suitable for a patient. Using prostate imaging, utilizing mapping techniques, and providing sedation to make the procedure comfortable are just some of the key variables.

At the Prostate Cancer Institute of LA, Dr. Michel and his team of urological experts utilize the most advanced technologies and methods to diagnose men at risk. Among the state-of-the-art methods used at the Prostate Cancer Institute of LA center include multi-parametric prostate MRIs and MRI fusion biopsies. These approaches provide a much more accurate and exact diagnosis as compared to standard biopsy techniques.

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MRI Fusion Biopsy Imaging

Thanks to MRI fusion biopsy imaging, also known as perfusion dynamic MRI, identifying and diagnosing prostate cancer is easier than ever before. Prostate imaging results in the following benefits:

  • Greater accuracy
  • Less biopsies needed
  • Better treatment

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Biopsy Techniques

Over the years, there have been many advances in the field of prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment.Three major advances in biopsy techniques have occurred in the following categories.

  • Anesthesia
  • Prostate imaging
  • Prostate mapping

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MRI Fusion Biopsy

During an MRI fusion biopsy, patients must first receive an MRI of the prostate. New and advanced technology then superimposes these MRI images over live images of the prostate, giving Dr. Michel an unprecedented look at the prostate and the cancer which resides within. Using the 3D model as a guide, Dr. Michel will then target a needle biopsy directly on the cancer portion.

When performing a biopsy, doctors can aim directly at the cancerous tumor in the prostate. The method also allows doctors the opportunity to evaluate the size and severity of the tumor. This information is essential when providing treatment to patients.

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