An MRI fusion biopsy is the most accurate means of diagnosing prostate cancer. Unlike traditional ultrasound guided biopsies or color doppler biopsies, an MRI fusion biopsy utilizes information from both MRI imaging and ultrasound imaging (such as with high intensity focused ultrasound and Doppler studies), thereby providing a much more accurate biopsy approach for patients in Los Angeles with elevated PSA levels, patients with abnormal rectal exams, or for patients diagnosed with prostate cancer who are on active surveillance programs.

Most prostate cancers are not identifiable on ultrasound evaluations alone. The MRI is a much more sensitive method of identifying cancers. An MRI fusion biopsy utilizes and incorporates the information obtained from both MRI and ultrasound imaging of the prostate. This information is then merged together and yields a much more sensitive test to detect cancers. In fact, this treatment in Los Angeles can be up to 2 times more sensitive and more accurate than a standard ultrasound guided biopsy.

Identifying the location of the cancer with great precision is crucial for the correct diagnosis of the cancer type and for determining the most suitable treatment options for a man diagnosed with prostate cancer. MRI fusion biopsies more accurately diagnose the grade and size of the cancer. The accuracy of this information is crucial for the proper diagnosis of cancer and for determining if a patient is a candidate for active surveillance, a candidate for focal therapy with HIFU, or a candidate for whole gland therapy using surgery, radiation or HIFU. The biopsy also helps map out the location and extent of the tumor. This information is critical in correctly identifying which patients can have nerve sparing procedures (to preserve the nerves that control a man’s erections) and what type of continence preserving techniques can be used to optimize a patient’s urinary control after any form of treatment.

mri scan for prostate cancer beverly hillsMRI fusion biopsies require radiologists with expertise in prostate MRI imaging as well as urologists with expertise in MRI fusion biopsy techniques. The Prostate Cancer Institute of LA is one of the few centers in the country that have leading experts in both of these fields. This expertise is sought after by men nationally and internationally. MRI fusion biopsies are performed with mild sedation, making the entire process pain free and extremely easy.

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What to Expect From a Guided Prostate Biopsy

how much does prostate biopsy costAt the time of the biopsy, our patients receive twilight sedation, and so the procedure is very comfortable for our patients. Since our patients are relaxed and comfortable, a detailed and thorough evaluation of the prostate is performed at the time of the biopsy. The biopsy locations are further mapped for each patient so the location of the cancer can be more accurately diagnosed. This information is critical for our physicians to determine the best course of therapy for each patient based on the extent of their cancer and the location of their cancer.

The Prostate Cancer Institute of LA offer patients the most technologically advanced and comprehensive methods for detecting and treating cancer. Employing perfusion dynamic MRIs for detection and utilizing MRI fusion biopsies to improve the accuracy of prostate biopsies are just some of the measures our specialists use to help patients at risk of having prostate carcinoma.

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