The Prostate Cancer Institute of LA is home to some of the best urologists and oncologists in the United States. Our advanced knowledge, combined with state of the art technology and equipment, allows us to diagnose and treat prostate cancer more effectively than ever before. Thanks to new advances in technology, we are proud to offer TrueBeam as focal therapy for our patients.

Unlike a normal TrueBeam treatment, in which the entire prostate gland is treated, focal TrueBeam intensity-modulated radiation therapy (also known as IMRT) targets only the cancer within the gland, providing patients with treatment that is much more focused and precise. To learn more about this exciting new procedure, please contact our specialists in Los Angeles today.

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Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy

prostate radiation therapy treatment beverly hillsTraditionally, IMRT TrueBeam therapy is delivered to the entire prostate. That is, even if the patient has a small focus of disease, the entire prostate is radiated. In effect, the prostate is over treated in such instances. This is one of the reasons why the Prostate Cancer Institute of LA has developed TrueBeam focal therapy options for patients with focally localized prostate cancer. This is now possible because of the advances in medical technology.

The Prostate Cancer Institute of LA uses dynamic perfusion MRI to evaluate the prostate. Lesions identified by the perfusion dynamic MRI study is then correlated at the time of the MRI fusion prostate biopsy and prostate mapping. For patients who are found to have focally localized prostate carcinoma, the MRI and biopsy information can then be transferred to the TrueBeam IMRT machine. By doing so we can locate, with great precision, the location of the prostate cancer in a man and therefore only treat the area of concern without needlessly over treating the entire prostate gland.

With this TrueBeam approach, we are able to deliver effective radiation therapy to the areas of interest without unnecessarily harming healthy tissue. The result is excellent cancer control while improving quality of life outcomes such as preservation of erections and optimization of urinary and bowel function. This major advance in technology and approach is one of the many reasons why the Prostate Cancer Institute of LA are deemed the leaders in prostate cancer therapy.

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To determine which prostate cancer therapy is the most suitable for you and to find out if you are a candidate for TrueBeam focal therapy, you can contact the expert oncologists the Prostate Cancer Institute of LA, a Division of Comprehensive Urology. Our staff of urological experts look forward to assisting you to health and happiness.

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