Post Radiation HIFU

Beverly Hills Post Radiation Cryotherapy ProstateSome patients with prostate cancer who undergo radiation therapy may develop local recurrence of their disease. Historically, treating prostate cancer radiation failures has been difficult, as prostate cancer radiation patients cannot receive additional radiation therapy and trying to surgically remove a prostate after it has been radiated is very challenging and fraught with significant side effects, including severe incontinence, rectal fistulas, loss of erectile function and pelvic pain.

However, HIFU can be effectively utilized to treat patients who have failed prostate radiation therapy with good outcomes. Using HIFU for radiation therapy failures allows patients to achieve a cancer-free status with an outpatient procedure. The prostate is mapped out and the HIFU is used to treat the residual cancer cells in the prostate. Either focal HIFU therapy or whole gland HIFU therapy can be utilized depending on the extent of the prostate cancer recurrence.

Post Cryotherapy HIFU

While cryotherapy can be an effective means of treating patients with prostate cancer, some patients will develop local recurrence of their prostate cancer after undergoing cryotherapy. Treating such patients can be challenging. However, HIFU provides an effective means to treat such patients. Patients with post-cryotherapy prostate cancer recurrence can also be treated with surgery (salvage prostatectomy).

Compared to salvage surgery, however, HIFU is less invasive, is performed as an outpatient procedure, and provides fewer side-effects. Both surgery and HIFU can be effective in treating recurrent post-cryotherapy prostate cancers.

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