prostate cancer treatment experts beverly hillsAt the Prostate Cancer Institute of LA, Dr. Kia Michel and his team of urological experts specialize in diagnosing, treating, and preventing prostate carcinoma. In addition to the innovative and state-of-the-art technologies used at our center, our treatment options also include holistic services and nutritional measures.

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What Causes Prostate Cancer?

There are several elements that can affect the development of cancer of the prostate. These elements include:

  • Genetic predisposition
  • Dietary factors
  • Environmental exposures
  • Psychological and emotional stressors

Although the genetic makeup of a person cannot currently be altered, the variables listed above can certainly be addressed with the aim of minimizing a man’s potential probability of developing cancer.

Over the past several decades, the importance of prostate cancer prevention in the forms of grading, staging, and screening has been clearly identified. By being screened, patients are being diagnosed at a much earlier stage of disease, which makes their chances of being cured dramatically higher when compared to patients who do not undergo screening. This approach has resulted in significantly better outcomes for men who develop cancer.

However, more and more men would like to know how they can possibly help themselves avoid prostate cancer development in the first place. The importance of preventative approaches is becoming more and more paramount. Understanding that there are numerous elements that can affect a man’s potential of developing cancer is an important step. By being able to identify some of these variables and by being able to take active measures, men are in a position to help themselves minimize their future risk of the disease.

Although more studies are necessary to clearly identify the relationship of such variables and their overall effect prostate cancer prevention, most men are willing to take relatively simple steps with the hopes of minimizing their overall risk of developing the disease. One such step is proper nutrition, which can reduce the risk of prostate cancer over the long term.

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