Testimonials Barry had surgery for his prostate cancer with Los Angeles prostate cancer specialist Dr. Kia Michel of Comprehensive Urology

Testimonials Miles had stage 3 prostate cancer and chose Dr. Michel at Comprehensive Urology for prostate surgery on the recommendation of another physician; he is now cancer-free two years later.

Testimonials Steven had multiple consultations with urological practices and chose Dr. Michel at Comprehensive Urology for his prostate cancer; he has been cancer free for eight years.

Testimonials A patient reflects on his positive experience with Dr. Kia Michel and the entire staff at Comprehensive Urology when he had prostate cancer.

Testimonials Ruben had an excellent experience before, during, and after his prostate cancer surgery with Dr. Michel at Comprehensive Urology.

Testimonials Richard had already been seeing Dr. Michel as his urological doctor when his PSA levels began to rise, leading to his decision to have a prostatectomy.

Testimonials Robert had a high PSA level for three years when he finally had a biopsy that revealed the presence of prostate cancer; he then had successful robotic surgery at Comprehensive Urology.

Testimonials This patient was asymptomatic, but tested at Comprehensive Urology on the recommendation of his primary physician; Dr. Sanford recommended surgery and the patient is very happy with the whole experience.

Testimonials Christian had a successful prostate surgery at Comprehensive Urology, after which he regained his sexual function after a few months.

Testimonials Kim was recommended by his physician to find help at Comprehensive Urology, where he had a biopsy with Dr. Sanford and prostate surgery by Dr. Michel.

Testimonials Michael was afraid of sexual dysfunction after surgery, so he went to Dr. Michel for robotic surgery and had a positive experience, including the ability to function sexually after the procedure.

Testimonials Kenneth had a growth on his kidney, so he went to see Dr. Desai and had a successful surgery and an overall positive experience. He later needed prostate surgery and had the same positive experience.

I was diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer at the end of 2015. I had all options open to me for treatment, but was most interested in the surgery to remove all doubt about recurrence of the cancer later in life. I was referred to Dr. Michel as the best surgeon for this, hands down, by another highly respected urologist who is no longer performing any radical surgeries for this condition.
So I feel it was my good fortune to discover the problem early and then involve Dr. Michel in resolving it with the robotic surgical procedure. I have never had any serious surgeries in my life, and was very nervous about the procedure and outcome. I was hugely impressed with how this went from day one. Dr. Michel was open and honest in discussing my options, and did not push any procedure more than the other-just reconfirmed what I could do. And when I made my decision he treated that with the utmost respect and upbeat manner, making me feel right about the situation.
The procedure went exceptionally well in my opinion, I never had much pain from it during the hospital recovery and left the following afternoon. I have quickly recovered and am making good progress on the side effects, almost to the point that it seems as if nothing really happened to me. The follow up visits have been handled well by the staff and I feel they are very friendly and helpful. I feel very comfortable with everyone and Dr. Michel is always very positive and upbeat when discussing things with you. So all in all, a very successful outcome for myself and family- I highly recommend this practice to anyone needing this type of help.

Clint B.

A warm, straight-forward, no-nonsense doctor. Fully committed and thorough as can be. This is a fine doctor!

Barry M

Dr. Michel is the best!! He is kind, compassionate and walks you through all the details.

Peter D

I found everyone at Dr Kia Michel’s busy office extremely cordial, friendly and helpful. I have early prostate cancer and, contrary to another Yelper, I too had insurance problems (unknown at the time) and their billing office helped with my biopsy costs. Dr. Michel was particularly nice. My wife and I found Dr Michael engaging and informative with a great helpful manner. The nurses were competent and skilled and made me feel like they cared about my well-being. Also the office staff are extremely congenial and sweet.


Dr Michel and his staff are truly wonderful. We cant say enough good things about them and it was so great to have a doctor take his time and answer all of our questions no matter how long it took. He takes the time to explain the next steps and is a very compassionate doctor. Dr Michel did an amazing job on my husbands surgery and we couldn’t be happier. His office staff is a pleasure to work with and do all they can to accommodate your needs, not theirs. If you need a urologist, go see Dr Michel!

Kimberly H

My husband had a procedure done and everything was top notch. Great information and follow up.

Kristi B

I can hardly express the devotion and professional care I received by Dr. Michel and his staff.

Stuart K

Most of all, I appreciate that Dr. Michel suggested options that were non-invasive as a first step. I was enthralled with the amount of time Dr. Michel took to explain my condition, options and how he would treat me. Dr. Michel was professional, very personable, kind and patient as I pumped him for information and asked numerous questions. Additionally, the staff was friendly and courteous.

Richard G

Dr. Michel is a consummate professional who also happens to be one of the nicest doctors I have ever encountered. His knowledge of his field of medicine gives you great confidence as he actually takes time to explain the various options that are available to you. Then takes time to thoroughly discuss the procedure and to answer any questions that you may have about it. I’ve been extremely pleased with Dr. Michel and the results of the treatment he recommended.

Ted S

My husband was referred to Dr. Michel by his internist. Dr. Michel is one of the best doctors I have ever met. He not only dealt with my husband amazingly, he did all the appropriate tests, recommended a procedure, did the procedure and gave us the wonderful result in a very efficient, professional and pleasant. Way. Dr. Michel is the calmest, most professional, nicest, knowledgeable, and it doesn’t hurt that he is nice to look at, doctor I have ever been to. My husband had a second opinion but decided to go with Dr. Michel which was the best choice. I would highly recommend Dr. Michel to anyone needing an urologist. I would like to add that his office staff was equally nice, professional, efficient, knowledgeable, pleasant and very accommodating as was his surgical staff. All around, a great experience for us and everyone in his office that we came in contact with last month. Thank you all again.

Karen A

I can wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Michel and the entire staff, who handled with skill, care, and compassion my case of prostate cancer. His care has been excellent from both before the surgery when he provided knowledgeable, clearly understandable and caring recommendations on the course to take to treat the prostate cancer — he allowed me plenty of time to consider the options — to after the surgery when he and his staff have continued to provide excellent and thorough follow-up to what was a successful surgery for the cancer. I would like to use this opportunity here to thank once again Dr. Michel and all those who I’ve been working with for their skill, dedication, and concern.


A warm, straight-forward, no-nonsense doctor. Fully committed and thorough as can be. This is a fine doctor!

Barry M

Cancer is the last thing anyone wants to deal with in their family. Luckily, the staff is extremely smart and treated us all very well and now my family member is cancer free! I can’t recommend them enough!

Kevin O

I have been a patient of Dr. Michel’s for five or six years now – I’m someone who believes in preventative medicine, and take my yearly checkups seriously. When I began having prostate issues a few years back, Dr. Michel and his staff took great care of me, with all the right treatments and advice – and when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer earlier this year, he walked me through my options in a way that made the whole experience seem manageable. In the end I chose to have surgery, which Dr. Michel performed – and the results were nothing short of miraculous – quick recovery, no side effects – and as far as we can tell, a complete cure. Not everyone is fortunate to have the kind of results I did – but I attribute my success to Dr. Michel’s surgical skill, the thoroughness with which he helped me prepare for the surgery – and the good attitude than comes from trusting that you’ve made all the right choices. I have always been treated with compassion and sensitivity by Dr. Michel and his staff – and I have always felt my concerns have been heard and addressed. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Michel to my closest family and friends.