TrueBeam intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) is the most advanced IMRT therapy in the world. Currently, only a few centers nationally and internationally have this capability. The radiation oncologists at the Prostate Cancer Institute of LA have the most experience with TrueBeam IMRT whole gland therapy in all of Los Angeles. To schedule a consultation with theProstate Cancer Institute of LA, please contact us today.

Prostate Cancer Radiation Therapy

IMRT TrueBeam Prostate Carcinoma TreatmentTrueBeam IMRT is the most advanced way of delivering radiation therapy for patients with prostate cancer. The advantage of the TrueBeam IMRT is that the prostate can be very clearly identified at the time of the radiation therapy, thereby allowing the radiation to be delivered with high precision.

IMRT typically takes eight and half weeks to deliver. Radiation is delivered in small fractions on a daily basis, Monday through Friday for 42 sessions. Each day that a patient shows up for his treatment, the prostate is in a slightly different position. This is because the prostate sits on top of the rectum and just below the bladder. Therefore, depending on the amount of fecal material in the rectum or the amount of urine in the bladder, the prostate can actually shift up or down slightly on a daily basis.

Standard IMRT radiation therapy cannot visualize the prostate with high accuracy. For this reason, to ensure that the prostate is being adequately radiated, some of the healthy tissue around the prostate also receives radiation. This is done to compensate for the lack of prostate visualization. The downside is that normal, healthy tissue gets destroyed with standard IMRT therapy.

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TrueBeam IMRT however is very different. The TrueBeam IMRT machine has outstanding imaging capabilities and can locate with great precision the exact location of the prostate during each session. This allows better preservation of healthy tissues and allows the radiation oncologists to deliver the correct dose of radiation to the prostate.

The benefits of TrueBeam IMRT as compared to surgery are that it is noninvasive, it is very easy to tolerate, and the development of incontinence is rare. Like surgery, TrueBeam IMRT can provide excellent long term prostate cancer cure rates, with excellent quality of life outcomes.

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